Ideal Image Slider - Captions Extension

Adds captions support to the Ideal Image Slider.



Captions are taken from the alt attribute of the image tag or, if defined, the data-caption attribute. The data-caption attribute will override the alt attribute. You can add an optional title to your caption which is taken from the title attribute of the image tag.

While you can put HTML in the alt attribute it is better to create an external caption in a separate div and put the selector in the data-caption attribute (e.g. data-caption="#my-caption"). Make sure and hide the external caption container so it is not visible on the page.

<div id="slider">
    <img src="img/1.jpg" title="Baloons" alt="This is the caption content">
    <img data-src="img/2.jpg" src="" title="Skateboard" alt="Captions <em>can</em> contain <strong>HTML</strong>">
    <img data-src="img/3.jpg" src="" alt="This will be overridden" data-caption="#caption-3">
    <img data-src="img/4.jpg" src="" title="A title without a caption" alt="">

<div id="caption-3" style="display:none;">
    <h3>External Caption</h3>
    <p>When using <a href="#">HTML in captions</a> it might be better to use an external caption.</p>

The iis-captions.js must be included after ideal-image-slider.js. The styles for the captions extension are included in the theme CSS.

<script src="ideal-image-slider.js"></script>
<script src="extensions/captions/iis-captions.js"></script>
var slider = new IdealImageSlider.Slider('#slider');