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Business Name Description Contact Phone Email Social Link
StagePro Academy - - - - -
Sarah Smith Zumba Twice-weekly classes at Chapelford Village Primary School. Sarah Smith - -
Viscaria Dancers Wednesday evenings. First session FREE! Louise McWilliam - -
IndepenDANCE Dance School First floor in Evans House, Norman Street, (near Tesco). We run classes in Street dance, Cheerleading, break dance & Pom dance. We also have boys only street and break classes and Tiny teenie dance and movement classes. Our classes start from 2 years up to adult classes. First Class free! - 07749939284 - -
FitNest; Fitness for your whole family Weekly buggy bootcamp classes on Dakota Park and fitness bootcamps, as well as baby massage, baby yoga, pre and postnatal training and online personal training. See website for free resources and full content. Jemma Burns -