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If you live in Chapelford and want to see your business listed here, please contact us on email and provide information for each of the columns in table below.

Please note: free advertising is available for Chapelford based businesses only. If you're not based in Chapelford, we will list adverts for a small fee (£25 for 6 months).

Business Name Description Contact Phone Email Social Link
OvenClean4U Chapelford’s preferred oven cleaner. £5 off list price if you mention this website Martin 07570 868 967 martin@ovenclean4u.com -
Lawn Land Artificial Grass Artificial Grass, Plants, Pattern Concrete & Outdoor Lighting specialists. Unit 38 Gateway 49 Kerfoot Street Warrington WA2 8NT Showroom: 01925 653420, Paul: 07412085357 - -
Kerry Peters Ofsted Registered Childminder, registered end of August 2012 (although i have over 10 years experience working with children). Vacancies available immediently. Before /after school for Barrow Hall Lane School. - 07780102818 kay273@hotmail.com -
Piano Lessons Piano lessons for beginners available at your home in Chapelford on Mondays and Fridays. Call me for more information Elizabeth Coull 01928 566297 - -
Spoodles Pet Grooming Salon Rest assured your pet will be lovingly cared for and groomed by a fully qualified and insured grooming salon.We offer a great selection of services - Shampoo, condition and blow dry from 10 pounds. Full groom from 20 pounds. Puppy’s first appointment free! Discounts for multiple dogs. Call Bev 01925 791626 -