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If you live in Chapelford and want to see your business listed here, please contact us on email and provide information for each of the columns in table below.

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Business Name Description Contact Phone Email Social Link
Booboo Babycakes Nappycakes and other unique gifts - - - -
Georgia P Designs Hi, my name is Linda and I make Handmade Beaded, Wired and Polymer Clay jewellery & Accessories. I can also do commissions, beaded jewellery repairs or re-design and jewellery parties in your own home, offering a discount of up to 25% for the host and raffle prize with proceeds donated to a charity of your choice. Linda 07748381295 -
Gift Maid Bespoke Hamper, Nappy Cakes and much more. Made especially for you, to you requirements and budget. We can cater for parties, weddings and offices. Free delivery to Chapelford residents. Personal deliveries can be made to Warrington, Widnes, Runcorn, St Helens and Chester for a small fee. Please request a delivery quote. - -
Cute as a Button Handmade Jewellery Vintage inspired jewellery and Bespoke designs by request - - -
Enchanted Wishes Personalised prints, quote prints, hand and foot print art, plaques. Beautiful gifts for any occasion, including birthdays, Christenings, new baby, weddings and anniversaries. - - - -
ShinjuPearls UK Jewellery collection using genuine fresh water pearls, salt water pearls, semi-precious gemstones (such as garnets, turquoise, onyx, agate etc) and Swarovski Elements for the extra sparkle. Prices start from only £6. Visit our website to view some of our collections, delivery within UK is free. Wendy - -