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Chapelford Films Award Winning Videographers based in Cheshire. We are both creative and passionate about our filming. Experience has taught us that people don’t want an over-expressive traditional DVD but something stylish, contemporary and well shot, that reflects your special day. Everything is filmed and edited in “Real Time” and no extra costs that’s Full Ceremony, Full Speeches, Full First Dance plus a 2nd disc - Montage of the Day’s Coverage. - 01925413634 or 07814457565 -
Standring Heritage Photography Professional photographs: weddings, portraits, proms, events. We capture the memories and emotions of your special event as it unfolds so that you can preserve them and re-live them over and over again. Smiles, laughter, joy, tenderness, fun and sentiment; all captured in a subtle way. Standring Heritage Photography is a member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers. Dean or Kate 01925710890 -